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Taylor Mulberg

I grew up in Seattle where my love for basketball started at my select program Y.E.S. (before our name changed to Miles Ahead) where I was coached by Troy Miles. I ended up attending O’Dea High School and
played under Phil Lumpkin and Greg Kalina, where I was a member of the state championship team in 2007. During high school, I also played AAU under Mo Hines, the current top coach at Tree of Hope. After tearing my ACL my senior year, my love for playing continued on at North Seattle Community College where I was 2nd in assists in all of NWAAC and top 10 in steals. I was awarded a Division 2 scholarship to play in Boston but
declined due to family circumstances. My passion for coaching started in 2008 where I coached 4th/5th grade boys. From there, I spent 8 years coaching at Ballard Select under Sara Wetstone where I learned tremendous amount from her. I currently am the head coach at Seattle Academy girls varsity program. My passion has continued and I am extremely excited to run a program together with my close
friend Ani.

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