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Makenna Meyer

Head High School Coach

Makenna is currently attending Ballard High School where she is a 3 sport Varsity athlete. She plays basketball, volleyball and runs track; securing 5th place in Metros last year. She’s in the graduating class of 2024 and plans to attend university after. Makenna has been playing basketball since the 2nd grade, volleyball since the 6th grade and track since Freshman year of high school. In addition to organized team sports she enjoys camping and doing other outdoor sports and adventures. As an avid skier, she spent a lot of winters growing up on the mountain. Sports have been a key part of her life where she has had many amazing opportunities to gain new experiences and meet lots of friends. Makenna got involved with A.T. Training through Coach Ani who has been a coach of her’s since about 8th grade through various select basketball programs as well as highschool basketball. She loves working with young athletes and helping pass on her love and knowledge for sports to the next group of eager elementary, middle and high school athletes. 

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