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A.T. Training is run by Ani Garaventa and Taylor Mulberg, friends who have been coaching and training basketball throughout the Bay Area in California, and the Seattle / Lynnwood area for over 10 years. In addition to coaching various club teams, trainings, camps and clinics for elementary, middle and high school kids, Taylor and Ani were most recently the Roosevelt High School (Seattle) girls varsity head and assistant coaches. A.T. Training is dedicated to building love for the game of basketball, for players of all levels, by providing a fun, safe, stimulating practice and training environment. 

Summer Camp 1
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Meet the A.T. Coaches

Summer Camp 1

2022 Fall Training Courses

Join us Sundays for our fall "league" basketball program. These coed programs will be age and skill level specific. We will focus on simple to advanced fundamentals of the game of basketball by teaching dribbling, passing and shooting with fun drills, games, and prizes. Whether your child is new to the game, a high school varsity player, or anywhere in between, there will be something for everyone to grow their skills and love for the game.

Summer Camp 1

2022/23 Fall/Winter Camps & Clinics Coming Soon!

1st-7th Grades

In these sessions we will focus on the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting with fun skills, drills and games to hone in on the fundamentals. We will also work on layup, and jump shot footwork as well as proper defensive stance and footwork. Throughout these camps we will find a good balance of splitting up the older more skilled players and the younger newer players so that they can work and play at the pace that suits them best, while also playing and doing fun drills and games as a whole camp. 

8th-High School


These camps will be more like a practice or training compared to our youth camps. Since campers are at the 8th grade and high school levels, we will be working on mastering the simple fundamentals at a high level. Camp will consist of learning reads, decision making, proper footwork, defense and how to apply them to live play. We will be doing 1v1 through 5v5 drills and games, to give campers a solid base of fundamentals so that they can take these skills back to their individual schools in the fall. 

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Spring Break Camp Video


Seattle, WA

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