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Andrew Murphy

Andrew was born and raised in Oakland, CA. He got an early start in soccer, because his older brother Matthew played. From organized sports, to snowboarding and camping with his family, this led to a lifelong passion for sports and the outdoors. In addition to soccer Andrew played football, but starting in high school he began playing lacrosse and never turned back. Andrew continued playing competitive lacrosse throughout his time in college, at UC Santa Cruz. Over the past 7 years, Andrew has been leading and running a variety of different summer camps in the Bay Area. “Camp counseling is some of the most fun and rewarding work, and more relevantly the work that I hardly considered so in that being outdoors helping myself and kids appreciate the natural world around them whether it be through curiosity, competition, or pure joy, movement always brang me the most. I am also very passionate about those specific sports camps as well. I do love imparting a unique perspective and greater passion for their craft on young athletes in their respective sports. From being a short goalkeeper, to a fundamental football player, to a vocal, physical lacrosse player, playing a game with integrity but also grit is something that is integral to any sport and sometimes all that’s needed is an awakening in young players.” Outside of coaching lacrosse and running camps, Andrew works as a registered EMT 

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